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Confederate Soldiers Park T-Shirt
This Shirt is of top qulity and is a product of Dixie Outfitters. It has a picture of the Confederate Wall on the back, two front designs, the Park Logo or a picture of the library on the left brest area as pictured

Confederate Soldiers Park Brick
This is about a 1" slice of the original bricks from "The Brick Yard" in Waynesville with the Park Logo stamped on the face. They are the same bricks that the Confederate wall is built from and they are estimated to be hand made before 1900. We are asking for donations of $2.50 or more for each brick

picture coming soon
Cyprus Shingle with Fence
This is a small Cyprus Shingle about 10" x 4" that is cut from the same trees the the outside of our Library is done with. It has a cross section of the original fence the was erected around the Cemetery by G. W. Nickols in 1903. We are asking for donations of $2.50 or more for each shingle.

Brantley County Pictorial History Book
We also have other books from the Brantley County Historical Society available